He always makes me smile

Last night hubby and I went downtown.  It’s a bit of a trek for us as we DO NOT drink and drive… therefore we always have to leave a few hours earlier than the event time.  We walk, then bus, then skytrain, then walk or cab some more.  It’s fun though.  Well it’s always fun when were together.  Road Soda’s are a must to fight the long trip.  Start the night out right.  We were on our way to a buddy’s birthday dinner.  The venue was The Italian Kitchen on 1037 Alberni Street in Vancouver.  I had a delicious pasta, Linguini Carbonara and Hubby had a spicy, super tasty Chicken Parmesan.  It was a very nice place and everyones food seemed to be of great quality.  I would hope so as the prices were not that low.

When dinner was done and we said our goodbyes, we started walking… it was a wonderful warm evening, I was in a summer dress, and Vancouver has seen alot of rain lately…. so we walked.  and walked and walked.  We stopped on the gallery steps and people watched…. We enjoyed a bunch of hip hoppers practicing in the below ground Robson arena and found ourselves on Granville, walking the opposite way of the skytrain.  $4 highballs out on the patio of Olympia Bar & Grill…. I think we shall.  Oh and you’ve run out of crappy whiskey so you will substitue with Crown…. sounds great to me!  We talked and drinked and talked and drinked more and decided since it was close to midnight we should head back… althought neither of us wanted to….    It was such a nice and pleasant evening and I just love my man.

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