An update on the renos

Hubby has been a busy boy the last couple of weeks!
The 2 spare rooms are ready to have all the trim and crown moulding put on and then it’s all ready to be primered. Hubs is going to put his spray gun to work. It’s always fun using new tools. Today we moved our bedroom (which had a partial upgrade when we did the windows) out into the old dining room area. The master bedroom will need new insulation then vapor barrier then the drywall trim primer etc. But hey it takes a lot of time and money and it will all be worth it in the end.
The ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom is ready for trim and primer. Both vanities have been custom made to fit and they are in bamboo. Kohler vanity mirrors are spanking gorgeous and are waiting to be installed but first I need to choose paint and tile! We have the faucets and the bowls as well. Everything is just waiting for it’s turn.

Here are some more pics to stress you out with! Haha. Try living ,Iike this!









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