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Pumpkins 2012

Well the rain sure put a damper on the festivities this year… Halloween 2012

First of all I can’t believe the price of candy these days, The Roof Is On Fire
Second of all… I can’t see, I mean, believe, how small the candy is, Honey I Shrunk The Candy

Most of our neighbors are LAME and turn out all their lights and hide out like little weirdos in the dark afraid of the little kids…. So it’s up to me to bring them to the hood… The neighborhood that is. I play Ghostbusters and Monster Mash and other spooky sounds out the window, long white sheets for curtains blowing out of the windows, 4 carved pumpkins on the front steps but the kicker, besides the fun music is the disco light flashing through the glass doors and window. It’s so much fun! Hubby asks each kid if they are having fun and they all say they love the light and some dance to the music. Even the parents appreciate the fun things to brighten up the rainy cold night! Yay for Halloween.

I have to say tho…. I could not get into pumpkin carving this year for nothing… But I hampered down at 3pm to do em. Ahhh what a crap job, so messy and tedious. But it’s down and I have 365 days before I have to think about it again.

Here are my Pumpkins of 2012



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It’s almost here…. set your PVR’s

Bored one night Hubby and I scrolled through the lame movies channels on our TV for something to watch.   We came across Shark Night…. what a waste of time… It’s a movie about 7 college students who head over to one of the girl’s family vacation home on a private lake.  One by one they begin to be attacked by sharks… when they think they have found help…. their help turns out to be a bunch of sick men who have put the sharks in the lake and attached cameras to them…. then they take people out on a boat and lure the sharks…. Obviously it’s bloody and cheesy and lame but they do it because of……. SHARK WEEK!  The sick and twisted fellas feel that so many people tuned in to watch Shark Week and left many viewers wanting to see the real juicy murderous shark videos…. so   they    make    them !!!

Bah…. terrible show.  I don’t care if I ruined the movie for you it’s crap….. but it got me freaked for SHARK WEEK and it starts in just a few days.  🙂


Begins August 12th on the Discovery Channel….

“So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel”

Shark Week for those that don’t know, as per Wikipedia, is a week-long series of feature television programs dedicated to sharks. Shark Week is held annually, normally running in July or August. Shark Week was developed to help the average person have a greater respect for sharks. Shark Week is now broadcast in over 72 countries.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Shark Week.  It’s first year was in 1988.

I’m not the only one excited for Shark Week… (I’m also terrified of it as well!)  Check out some of the cool “Sharkie” stuff I found on the web…

To honor the upcoming 25th anniversary, The Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, MD has added giant
inflatable shark to it’s building. The giant shark, named Chompie, is 446 feet long from his nose.. er.. snout… whatever it is… to his tailfin. It took 6.65 miles of fabric to make.

And if you’re having a shark week party!  Perhaps you might want to make these little cuties…

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