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Oriental Salad

I’m getting back into the swing of food blogging…. Hard to believe that besides these last 3 posts…. the last one was in May or 2014!!!  Wow…

Oriental Salad – This is a fantastic salad that I remember my mom making back when I lived at home.  Back when I had no taste buds or basically didn’t like food or flavour…. boy…. all those wasted years… ugh!!!  What was wrong with me?  Why! Why! Why! 

Popped my mom an iMessage and asked her for her recipe… I wanted something to go with my Chicken Satay with Coconut Peanut Thai Sauce, and a traditional coleslaw just didn’t seem up to par for this dish.   She hit me back with the deets and I went shopping!  I had never before purchased bean sprouts so that was number one on my list.  Always excited to buy new things… yea I know, as if I’ve never bought bean sprouts, LOL ___________________________________________________






• CHICKEN FLAVOURED ICHIBAN SOUP (uncooked, reserve seasoning pack for dressing)

• CHOW MEIN NOODLES (uncooked)




This makes a lot of salad!  If it’s for a smaller group or if you plan on eating it for a few nights, only make up what you’lll use for that night as it doesn’t make very good leftovers…. (soggy noods…😩)

Toss all the ingredients in your salad bowl, use as little or as much of each as you want.  We like less noodles, and lots of veggies and seeds.  I actually didn’t even use chow mein noodles when I made mine.  Still just as good… less crunch I suppose. 😜




• 1/2 CUP OIL





Combine all ingredients into a jar and give it a good shake.  Only use as much as you need for the night, as mentioned above, this makes a large salad.  If you’re making a smaller salad you may want to half this dressing recipe.  You don’t want soggy noods…

 Thanks Mommy, for another good recipe!  I will be making this scrumptious one again soon I know it.  Doesn’t it look pretty with the little pops of colour from the coleslaw mix 😜  Serve it up along side something yummy for your tummy and enjoy this bowl full of goodness.❤️ Thanks for visiting, if you liked this blog please click LIKE below. If you want to follow my blog please scroll to the bottom, click the FOLLOW button and enter in your email address. 

Love Haleykins 20131230-210222.jpg

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Chicken Hoisin Rolls aka Chicken Teriyaki Rolls Haleykins Style

20140124-201803.jpg I just don’t like bottled teriyaki sauce… neither does Hubby… I use these two sauces. Hoisin Sauce and Stir Fry Sauce. Why? Because the first time I went to make these rolls I thought I had teriyaki sauce in the fridge but I was wrong and it was too late to run to the store, so I improvised. Hoisin and stir fry sauces in the pan of cooked sliced chicken breast. 20140124-204925.jpg

Super funny thing is that these are both Chinese sauces… for my sushi dinner?!?!
I don’t care, it works! It works well if you ask me. But you didn’t ask, so I’ll let it be.20140124-204947.jpgWhat would normally be a Chicken Teriyaki Roll now becomes a Haleykins Chicken Hoisin Roll.20140124-204954.jpgThanks for visiting, if you liked this blog please click LIKE below.
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Love Haleykins

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Sushi with Hay


First toast your seasame seeds in a hot pan.  Just toasty not too toasty.

Rinse your uncooked sticky/sushi rice for a few minutes until the water runs clear.  This gets rid of all the starch that can burn.

2 cups of uncooked rice and 2 1/2 cups water in the rice cooker and when it’s done add about 2 tbsp of rice vinegar to season the rice.  Don’t forget this step or your sushi will taste like rice and not sushi.


Avocados, cucumber and crab meat for the California rolls.  Don’t cut your avocado too early or it will brown on you.  Cut the cucumber into strips as wide as the roasted seaweed wraps.  Cut the crab sticks in half

20140113-231321.jpgI used the big jumbo prawns.  Raw, peeled and deveined with the tails on.  Make 2 or 3 small slices on the bottom side of the prawn to help keep them straight when frying and not curling up tight like they like to do.  See the pictures above. I made my tempura batter exactly as the instructions said on the package but what I got was so thick and doughy… so I added more water but I could have added even more…. mine were awful at first and my oil was way too hot….. by the end of it they turned out much better but nothing like the picture they had…. I’ll keep practicing… Practice makes perfect after all.  Hubby says… “why are you taking pictures of the burnt ones?”  well, because, that’s what happens when you are trying something new.  You fail and then you learn how not to fail…. IMPROVE.

This is the Tempura I bought… Yup, Cock Brand Tempura…..20140113-231352.jpg

I made a spicy mayo for the Dynamite Rolls.  Very basic, Mayo and Srirracha sauce… mix it up.  Put it in a baggy for easy piping and snip the tip before using.


Wrap your rice mat with saran wrap otherwise that rice will stick to everything.  Including your hands.  A tip…. rub your hands with a bit of mayo…. like lotion,  creates a barrier and nothing for the rice to stick to.

Next place your roasted seaweed on the mat.  Cover it with some rice, I use the back of a flat wooden spoon to help smooth it out.  Then sprinkle the rice with the toasted seasame seeds.

Now you can choose to flip it so that the rice will be on the outside of the sushi roll or you can leave it and the seaweed is on the outside.  I actually like them with the seaweed on the outside more.  Make a few of each to keep the presentation pretty!

Layer with cucumber, avocado and crab.  Roll em up and roll em up tight.  Practice makes perfect for this as well.  TIGHT!!!!

Rinse a sharp knife under water or a light spray of cooking oil and slice the ends of the roll first.  then cut the main section in half and then cut those halves into smaller pieces.  Depending on your preference.  Plate them!  Yum





For the Dynamite rolls you do the same thing as before, rice on the mat, sprinkled with seasame seeds.  Now here’s where you at a squirt of that spicy mayo lengthwise to the rice, add cucumber, and avocado and I add 2 of the prawns tails out.  Roll it up, TIGHT and  cut the same way.  Ends off, then in half, then into smaller pieces.20140113-231912.jpg


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