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5 Year Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas

This year we celebrated our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary in style and this is how it started….

We were cuddling watching TV one night about a week before our 5 year wedding anniversary when he got up and came right back with the envelope…. “To my Wife”

I thought, “how sweet”  but he’s so early… did he get the day wrong?

“Open it” he says and so I do.

the inside was filled, top to bottom, side to side with the nicest words in the world.  I cried.  It also had a little note in it that said to “pack a bag because we are headed somewhere very hot next weekend.  The initials are PH.  It took me a few minutes to put it all together…. Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.  OMG excited doesn’t even begin to explain it!

Friday couldn’t come soon enough.  Our flight was to leave at 10am friday morning and we completely overlooked traffic and were less than 1 minute away from missing the flight.  They actually didn’t know if we were going to make it on.  Thankfully…. we did!  And we will not push it that late ever again!!  I watched one plane take off for Vegas that I was supposed to be on once before and I’ll be damned if it was to happen again.

10am and we are on the plane…. drinks on the plane… Rum Rum Rum…. YUM YUM YUM

We were happy being in the first row…. we were the last to get on and the first to get off!  PERFECT.  The flight attendants thought we were on our honeymoon because we looked so in love.  So funny and so cute!

We’d been to Vegas before in October but never in the summer.  We were slightly nervous about how hot it was really going to be….  105, 106, 108, and 107 were the temps for the next 4 days!!  I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it was about to feel like….  LIKE A BLOODY HAIR DRYER BLOWING ON YOU FROM EVERY ANGLE.  HOT AS HELL.  But the best part…. no humidity…. which means… you guessed it… no hair frizz.  I was certainly pleased!  The heat was absolutely amazing and we will definitely be going back in the summer months again.  It did not bother us at all!  In fact we loved it.  Even at night it was hotter than any day in the Caribbean….. ahhh I’m actually cold sitting here back home…

We get to our room at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino…. and get upgraded twice to a Fountain View room and the view was spectacular!  Although the windows needed to be cleaned in a bad way…. we mentioned it upon checkout and were given a substantial refund!  Again… pleased!


To Be Continued…. tomorrow….

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Fifty Shades Of Grey vs. Bared To You

So I’ve been reading a book similar to the infamous Fifty Shades Of Grey…. it’s called Bared To You by Sylvia Day. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say I honestly felt like I was cheating on Ana and Christian!!! LOL The characters names are similar in both books and the storyline itself is similar. After a few pages tho…. I was hooked once again. I love it! I don’t love it more or less because of that sliver that is different.

Bared To You, was self-published in April of this year… and soon after Penquin Group picked it up, renamed it, and changed the cover.  Fifty Shades of Grey has the famous grey silk tie on the cover and Bared To You has Gold and Black cuff links…

Bared To You is also part of trilogy as was Fifty Shades…. the only problem is that the second book has not been published yet!!!  Reflected In You is book #2 and was originally named…. Wait for it…  BAM Deeper In You…. But they felt it may not be accepted by retailers as well.  Ha ha ha go figure!  It’s said to be released in October but may come out earlier.  I certainly hope it does….. My Inner Goddess is anxiously awaiting!  😉

Anyways… If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey as much as I did you may want to start this Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.


If you do read Bared To You, please let me know your thoughts!  I think you can leave a comment below.

Oh and thanks for reading!

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