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209 Views Yesterday! That’s a Record Breaker For Me!


The most views in one day, on my blog, was 171.

Yesterday, with your help, I beat it around 4pm. With plenty of time to spare!

The number of views continued to grow to 209 by midnight.

My new number to beat in one day is 209. I may need a small army for that. Haha.


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Love Haleykins

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Yes, It’s finally ready. I have been working on a Facebook page for all my recipes. It’s easier for most to just use FB as a goto so I decided that would be my next step.
Please find me as COOKING WITH HAY on Facebook and click LIKE to get updates of what goes on in my kitchen.

I am currently trying new foods and spices. Learning about other cultures and I really enjoy new methods of madness and techniques. haha

The love and support thus far has been so cool! Thank you! I hope you can help take me higher! I follow a great blog that has been an inspiration to me and I hope, when I’m finally upstairs in a real kitchen with lots of natural light, that I can one day have the blog and page I am after.

Click the pic to take you to my FB Page

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Love Haleykins

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Merry Christmas

Hope you were all good this year!

Merry Christmas friends
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2014

Love Hay

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House Reno Teaser


I love technology! With the help of my iPad and an app I was able to work on renos while listening and watching a webinar for work. (Ok maybe I will need to do a bit of review) but it’s just after noon and so much has been accomplished!!! Now if it were me I’d take the rest of the day off, pat on the back, go for a run, have a hot bath and read… but no… Hubby sees all opportunities to do more work. Got to go. He’s beckoning from above like as if the heavens are calling. HA! Ya right, he’s asking for another coffee. Got to go! Bye for now.

Here’s a little House Reno Teaser! No it is not a drain. LOL

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Love Hay

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Bellies To Babies Celebration ~ Fall Tradeshow for Mommies!

Gather up your mommy-to-be friends, grab a Canterbury Coffee and head on down to the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. Mark your calendars for Sunday October 6th, as the Babies To Bellies Celebration Tradeshow is coming this fall!! Here are some screenshots from their website. The link to their site is above.
Best of all, Justin Jones of Knowledge First Financial will be there! Talk to him to find out how you can start saving for your child’s education and how to get started on receiving the free government grant money.
Find him at booth #30
Contact me for more information about an RESP

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Love Haleykins

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Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn – Welcome Back Everyone

Wowowowow it’s been a long time! Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well. It seems as tho I took the summer off and then some. I apologize for that but I’m sure you all have some really good bloggers out there to keep you company. 😊
It was a busy summer and yes, I am glad it’s over! Bring it on Fall!
So now since it’s been just over 2.5 months since my last entry I should probably fill you in quickly on my summer. Then you can leave me a comment letting me know about yours! That would be fun right?

So where to begin?

Hubs was in whistler for a Stag and I nearly didn’t survive the weekend alone but I did thanks to GalPal Amberina. WE enjoyed some good food, good drinks, some good entertainment, lots of sun, did I mention drinks oh and the laughs! Oh my god the laughs! So many good laughs. Love it! Thanks for getting me thru my separation anxiety.

We also spent a weekend camping at the lake, same spot we had 2 years ago, private and awesome with a great view. Not without some trouble tho, just about got jumped by 3 tweaked out crack heads, then visited by the PoPo who wanted to take a look at Hubs’ guns and I don’t mean his muscles. Hey Hubs, next time be sure to have the safety on when u hand them your loaded shotgun aight!
20130919-212033.jpgThe new Tent! It’s huge! I can stand up! Home away from home!
20130919-212054.jpgThis times 2! Massive space!
20130919-205346.jpgThe campsite of 2011 then a lgging camp blocked off access to it in 2012, believe me, we looked! Here we are in 2013! Our favorite campsite by far!
20130919-205404.jpgRoasting potatoes on the fire. Look at that view! Oh yeah baby! Does life get any better. Oh how wonderful it would be to pack up life and live this way. I love camping!
20130919-205433.jpgSteaks a la propane camp stove. LOL. They were delish!
20130919-205510.jpgPure bliss
20130919-205526.jpg20130919-213036.jpg20130919-205538.jpg20130919-205544.jpg20130919-205551.jpg20130919-205608.jpgThis is the moon shimmering over the lake
Seattle!!!! We went down for a weekend to watch another UFC and sadly the prelims were better than the main cards, oh well some rum, lots of walking, Pike Place Market, the parade, the pier and good times in our room!
We were lucky enough to watch 2 friends get married on a beautiful day with a beautiful night to follow. That was a lot of fun.
Dinner with some friends for Hubby’s birthday.

Then a whirl wind trip to Alberta for my cousins wedding! It too was a gorgeous wedding and HOT! Oh so hot! It was great to hang with the family and visit with the family I rarely see. Will remember it forever! Wouldn’t have been complete without a fire alarm pull at 1am the night before the big day! Oh and Hubby’s dance removes with my Auntie *smacks forehead with hand*
(I hope they don’t mind me posting this gorgeous pic)
House renos! So upstairs is completely dry walled and it’s been primed and sanded and primed and sanded. Can’t wait for what comes next

Again with the renos. Hubby and I selected paint colours and in no time and all 2 rooms are painted and paint has gone up in the foyer. The foyer has only been started as there was a small accident with a ladder and a freshly dry walled, primed ready to go wall. Just thankful everyone is ok and that it can be fixed. Hehehe. We will not speak of this incident agin. I promise dear. Oh and crown moulding and all our trims have been picked out. Eeeeeeek!
Jones Family Camping trip. Another whirl wind trip to the Okanagan (did I spell that right?). We met up with the rest of the clan for some fun in the sun on the lake. The only major incident was Hubster taking a fall the first night over and around an unused metal fire pit. It was dark ok! And we only drank a little wee bit of rum. It definitely needed and still does need stitches but he calls himself the wolverine and this he heals rapidly fast! LOL. did u just blow a gasket laughing at that comment? Because I do everytime he says it and only because he actually believes it!
More pictures from this trip coming soon!!!

And, well, that covers the most of it 😊
So, now tell me, how was your summer and what did u do?

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Love Haleykins

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An update on the renos

Hubby has been a busy boy the last couple of weeks!
The 2 spare rooms are ready to have all the trim and crown moulding put on and then it’s all ready to be primered. Hubs is going to put his spray gun to work. It’s always fun using new tools. Today we moved our bedroom (which had a partial upgrade when we did the windows) out into the old dining room area. The master bedroom will need new insulation then vapor barrier then the drywall trim primer etc. But hey it takes a lot of time and money and it will all be worth it in the end.
The ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom is ready for trim and primer. Both vanities have been custom made to fit and they are in bamboo. Kohler vanity mirrors are spanking gorgeous and are waiting to be installed but first I need to choose paint and tile! We have the faucets and the bowls as well. Everything is just waiting for it’s turn.

Here are some more pics to stress you out with! Haha. Try living ,Iike this!








A Very Special Banana Cream Pie with Almond Crust and Chocolate Ganache

He would have been 61 today. May 5th was his birthday and I remember he loved Banana Cream Pie. Today would have been Hubby’s Dad’s birthday. So I wanted to make a special Banana Cream Pie. One that he would have loved. Hubby was touched by this delicious dessert. He said from now on he will carry on the tradition and I will now make him Banana Cream Pie on his Birthday as well.

I found a recipe for a flaky pie crust and I had some sliced almonds left over for salad toppings sooooo, long story short I ground up the almonds in my food processor and then topped up the rest with flour. I think I had just over a half cup of ground almonds. It added a nice flavor to the crust.

Pete’s Banana Cream Pie
with Almond Crust & Chocolate Ganache

The Almond Crust

2 1/2 C. all purpose flour, plus a bit more for rolling
(I used about 2 cups flour and 1/2 cup of ground almonds)
1 C. butter, almost frozen or very cold in small 1/2 inch cubes
1 t. salt
1 t. sugar
8 T. ice cold water

Preheat oven to 350F
In a food processor mix flour, (ground almonds) salt, & sugar
Add cold butter cubes and pulse about 8 times till it resembles coarse meal with small pieces of butter.
Add the ice cold water by the tablespoon until it starts to stick together. Don ‘t over do it. It should stick together if you squeeze it.
Dump the dough on a clean counter and flatten with the palm of your hand
Seperate in half and form to flat discs
wrap each disc in plastic wrap and chill for an hour
Remove discs from the fridge and let soften for about 10 minutes
Roll out dics on a lightly floured surface
Should be about 12 inches wide and about 1/8 inch thick
Place dough in a pie plate and pierce with a fork all over.
Freeze the pie crust before baking for about an hour, otherwise your crust will melt and slip down the sides
Bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown
Let cool

Chocolate Ganache
1 225 gram box Baker’s Semi Sweet Chocolate chopped in 1/2 inch cubes
2/3 C. Light Half & Half

Cubed chocolate in a bowl
Heat the cream in a double boiler so it doesn’t scald until it begins to boil
Pour boiling cream over chocolate and mix till smooth
Let stiffen

2 x 135g boxes Jello Banana Cream Pie cooked pudding mix

I’m in the middle of reno’s so I had many things to do today so although I wanted to make my own filling, I cheated and used my back up boxed version. Bad Haleykins, spank me!
Follow directions on box. Should be 3 cups of milk per box so 6 cups of milk and pudding mix, bring to a boil while stirring, let cool stirring twice. Let cool for just a bit

3 sliced bananas
whipping cream

Now the assembly
I should say this makes 2 x 9 inch pies.
After the pie shells cool
pour half the ganache onto the bottom of one pie crust and the remaining half on the other
cover with sliced bananas
Pour half the pudding mix over top of one and the remaining on the other
Chill in the fridge for a few hours
Garnish with whipping cream and chocolate decorations made by yourself by melting a Hershey’s chocolate bar and piping onto wax paper. Let stiffen and lay on a cookie sheet and freeze. Super easy and fun.

Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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Hubby and I went to a movie last night, we chose Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman.  Gerard was fabulous as always.  It was an action packed movie right from the start.  We were surprised we enjoyed it so much, or maybe it was the popcorn that I enjoyed so much….

It’s a movie about a terrorist attack on the most protected house on the planet…. The Whitehouse.

If you like action movies, if you like Gerard Butler, Eckhart or Freeman, this is a good movie!




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Pumpkins 2012

Well the rain sure put a damper on the festivities this year… Halloween 2012

First of all I can’t believe the price of candy these days, The Roof Is On Fire
Second of all… I can’t see, I mean, believe, how small the candy is, Honey I Shrunk The Candy

Most of our neighbors are LAME and turn out all their lights and hide out like little weirdos in the dark afraid of the little kids…. So it’s up to me to bring them to the hood… The neighborhood that is. I play Ghostbusters and Monster Mash and other spooky sounds out the window, long white sheets for curtains blowing out of the windows, 4 carved pumpkins on the front steps but the kicker, besides the fun music is the disco light flashing through the glass doors and window. It’s so much fun! Hubby asks each kid if they are having fun and they all say they love the light and some dance to the music. Even the parents appreciate the fun things to brighten up the rainy cold night! Yay for Halloween.

I have to say tho…. I could not get into pumpkin carving this year for nothing… But I hampered down at 3pm to do em. Ahhh what a crap job, so messy and tedious. But it’s down and I have 365 days before I have to think about it again.

Here are my Pumpkins of 2012



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